Paris J’taime


We have had a busy few weeks in the lead up to our Parisian launch, we couldn’t have imagined a more fitting reception for our new collection other than the stockists and buyers of Parisian boutiques, it is after all where our love affair with fashion and style originated.

From the long walk up to the Arc De Triomphe along the Champs Elysées to the shopping Mecca that is the Rue de Rivoli. Paris will forever be the fashion capital of the world, the art filled boutiques in the Marais to the fabric empires in Montmartre, everywhere you turn there is another reminder that you are right in the heart of centuries of passionate designers and inspirational fashion icons.

Below are some images from one of our shoots featuring our Verona Dress in Dusty Pink and ur Avignon Dress in White and Noir.

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TimMoore-PetitParisians-115 TimMoore-PetitParisians-049 TimMoore-PetitParisians-118 TimMoore-PetitParisians-004 Cropped TimMoore-PetitParisians-005 Cropped TimMoore-PetitParisians-017 Cropped TimMoore-PetitParisians-028 Cropped TimMoore-PetitParisians-042 Cropped TimMoore-PetitParisians-045 Cropped TimMoore-PetitParisians-064 Cropped TimMoore-PetitParisians-079 Cropped TimMoore-PetitParisians-088 Cropped TimMoore-PetitParisians-095 Cropped TimMoore-PetitParisians-106 Cropped