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Do you ever see a post on social media that really erks you, it just pushes all the wrong buttons, starts a fire in your belly and just generally makes you feel annoyed. For me it’s the posts that go something along these lines “all my friends are having babies, I’m just choosing my next holiday/vacation”.

Why is there this cultural perception that parenthood and travelling can not coexist? That to have a child means you can not travel. That to travel you must be child “free”!
This stigma leaves parents limiting their holiday choices because society has told them it’s just too hard with children. Mumma’s are scrolling through Instagram seeing fabulous international locations and simply putting it in the dreaming basket. I hope that by the end of this you will see those gorgeous photos of Paris and put it in your dream board, work towards making it happen, know that it is possible and it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.


“Paris; be inspired, take the leap”

 1. Choose your destination.

Start small and work up. Once you’ve achieved one plane ride you’ll see that it’s manageable and the experience is well worth the trip. Start with a small domestic trip as a trial run if you’re feeling anxious and then work your way up from there.

If you have never travelled before and are worried about travelling choose a location that isn’t too much of a culture shock. Somewhere where the country follows similar customs to your own so you feel safe and comfortable. Think New Zealand, England, France, Netherlands or Canada, these are just a few places where English is widely spoken,  I always like to be polite though and say hello, thank you and good bye in the native language.

If you have travelled before, the world’s your oyster! My only recommendation is to check smart traveller for any serious travel warnings, you don’t want to be taking your child unknowingly into a war zone.



“Our first family holiday; started with a small domestic trip.”


image1 (1)

“One month later; off on a 5 week trip of North America”

2. Book in advance.

This has two great benefits; one you have lots of time to prepare physically and mentally for your trip and two you will get the best deal, booking last minute is expensive! I personally prefer to book all my own trips. I find it much more cost effective and I get what I want. I do occasionally use an agent when there is a flight price that’s too good to refuse, but I am always annoyed by how poor the service is and swear never to do it again, yet I do. When booking your own trips you need to do a few things to get the best prices;

  • Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe. Every airline, travel agent, travel website; they’ll send you weekly deals and you’ll come to know what is and isn’t a good price.
  • Be flexible with your dates. For some countries certain days and times are much more expensive then others, so always look at your prices across the week or if you can month of travel.
  • Book at least five months in advance, midweek. Less than five months till the departure date and things start to go up. Friday through Sunday when everyone’s home dreaming of holidays the prices are higher too, those sneaky rats!
  • Clear your cookies. As I mentioned airlines and travel sites are sneaky. They will store your search history. So if you look up the same route and dates multiple times it will go up to scare you into booking. Clear you cookies for every news search.



“Discounted flights and accommodation for our recent week in Bali all booked through subscription emails”

 3. Be prepared.

Obviously travel is not going to be like it was before kids. You’ll have a hell of a lot more luggage and you won’t be getting drunk every night on a Contiki tour. BUT, it will be enjoyable, fun and some of the best memories you’ll make as a family, if you are prepared. A toddler on a flight with nothing to do will be a nightmare, a toddler with parents prepared for the time spent in the air and at airports will be much more friendly to their parents and fellow passengers. My top tips for being prepared are:

  • Fly at sleep time where possibles and stick as closely to your normal sleep routine as possible.
  • Pack toys/activities that have multiple uses, eg Lego/blocks and a busy book.
  • Fly direct, stop overs suck!
  • If your kids are little, invest in a good travel stroller.
  • Know your time difference before hand and make a plan of attack.
  • For little one invest in a travel friendly a porta cot and use it for naps the MONTH before you go.


image1 (2)

“Sleep routine is integral; this little bunny slept 12 out of 14 hours to Canada…and no she’s not a good sleeper”


Now, head on over to Instagram scroll through all those amazing travel posts and pick your destination. I know I’m day dreaming of Paris thanks to Petit Parisians gorgeous photo shoots. We’ve been a few times, but our bunny hasn’t, seems like a good reason to start planning!


TimMoore-PetitParisians-115“the best adventures begin as dreams”


For more detailed information on my my travel tips please head over to my blog where you’ll also find some of my top products for travelling. I’m also fairly active on Instagram, posting my trips past and present and things that helped me along the way. If you’re still sitting on the fence wanting to travel but scared to take the leap, please contact me. I love to chat and together we can get your adventure happening.


Happy Travels Adventurers

TAM xx






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